Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In Which Peter Bondra Made Fun of Me

During tonight's Caps game, as always, I went to the tweetup during first intermission to say hello to all the Caps tweeters.

But there was a... "special guest" today. As I was talking to some people, I looked over quickly and Peter Bondra was standing there about 10 feet away from me. Of course I did a double take. And then got extremely distracted in all my conversations. So I started to explain to people I was talking to why I was all distracted, vaguely pointing over in Bondra's direction.

And then, Bondra noticed that I recognized him. And was pointing at him. As he was talking to someone, he started laughing and pointing to me, much as I was pointing to him. But in an odd way I felt completely honored that he was making fun of me. He noticed that I knew who he was and responded to it.

Definitely an interesting first interaction with Bonzai.

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