Monday, April 12, 2010

Rocking the Red (Hair)

Going into the playoffs, I wanted to do something special to support the Caps.  Being that I'm a woman, I can't exactly grow a beard and my job would not allow a mohawk (besides, I don't have the guts for that).  So what else is there to do?  Dye my hair.

I haven't dyed my hair since high school, when I used to dye it light brown on a regular basis.  I opted for a semi-permanent color since I didn't want to have to do the whole growing it out two-toned thing - semi-permanents last through about 28 shampoos.  Today, I entered the CVS across the street from my office with a purpose.  In the hair color aisle, I came to two choices.  I couldn't decide which one to pick.  So what is a Caps girl to do?  Ask her Twitter followers of course.

I tweeted this photo from the aisle in the CVS:

My followers overwhelmingly selected the left color, "Rosewood."  So I bought it.  And got home tonight and got ready for the red.  I went from my natural dark brown:

And after what looked like a bloodbath in my shower, ended up auburn:

Now since this lasts through 28 shampoos, I hope I'll have to recolor it before the Caps are done.  How are you going to rock the red in the playoffs, Caps fans?


DanaCiz said...

Nicely done! I debating doing my red lowlights from years ago, but don't think it would go over well in the workplace. :/

Anna said...

Maybe I'll dye mine red, too. My hair is really dark though, it never shows up well :(

Hockey Mom said...

I'll be going with red lipstick a la Marilyn Monroe! Maybe red finger and toe nails too :)